Clearabee rubbish removal and services

Clearabee was founded in 2012 in Northampton, United Kingdom. In 2013, with one vehicle, they started offering waste removal services. Clearabee relocated to Birmingham in 2013 and by the end of 2015 had expanded across the nation. Clearabee prides themselves in never subcontracting a single man or van. In 2016 Clearabee introduced their skip bag service. Skip Bags can be collected from neary any location and can be filled with nearly anything. Each bag has a fixed rate for removal service. In 2017 Clearabee introduced their beeloyal program. This loyalty program is a 10% discount service for repeat customers on qualifying items.


Clearabee provides a well trained staff that includes labour and removal. They are open 7 days a week and provide 24/7 customer service support. They offer skip bag service across the country and do not subcontract.


When selecting a rubbish removal service there are a few important things to take into consideration. Hire a rubbish removal company that has excellent time management skills. You are paying for their time and they should be precise and efficient. Confirm with the selected waste removal company exactly what they do and do not remove. Some rubbish clearance services will not deal with certain things such as larger appliances or batteries. Knowing what they offer prior to hiring them is important. Discuss pricing with the rubbish removal service. Unlike Clearabee, Some companies charge per trip to the dump, others charge by time or by the size of the heap that needs removal.

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