National Steel Car Rises From the Ashes Under Gregory Aziz

With over 100 years in business and employees dedicated to quality, it’s no surprise that National Steel Car is at the forefront of the global market when it comes to freight car manufacturing. Their reputation for quality engineering and cutting-edge innovation certainly gives them a certain prominence that other companies simply don’t have. However, the company hasn’t been without struggles, and it had only recently come back onto the global stage under the leadership of Greg Aziz.

Gregory Aziz

With the skills necessary to run a successful business, and a rare quality of leadership acumen, Greg Aziz had been the best thing to happen to National Steel Car in a long time, but, before he became the Chairman, President, and CEO of the longstanding company, he got his start at Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods was a wholesale food supplier run by Aziz’ family. Under him, the company became a global force and a heavy importer for many of North America’s largest fresh food providers. Later on, with funds earned from investment banking, Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco.


Under Dofasco’s ownership, National Steel Car had become stagnant, and its former status as a world leader had long since been lost. But Aziz wouldn’t let that stand, and immediately set about bringing National Steel Car back to its old glory. His focus on team building and leveraging the company’s unrealized manufacturing and engineering potential paid off big-time, with the company expanding its operations by a factor of over three, and the number of employees by a factor of five. All of this taking place between 1994 and 1999. See This Page for related information.

National Steel Car

National Steel Car expanded rapidly under Aziz, and his employees dedicated themselves to making National Steel Car successful. Because of this, the company swiftly rose onto the world stage, becoming a worldwide leader in freight car innovation, and the largest manufacturer in North America. The expectations of the industry were shattered at every turn as the company broke through them, reaching dizzying heights, and becoming what it is today. But it didn’t get there by discarding its local origins, and the company continues to provide sponsorship for charitable organizations and support for Hamilton, Ontario, including a major food drive for local food banks. The company also prides itself on its yearly Christmas Party, which is open to employees both past and present, as well as their children. While it may be a global company, its heart is still right at home in its local community.


National Steel Car: Surviving the War

The National Steel Car is Canada’s largest manufacturer and producer of rolling stocks. They have been operating for more than 100 years, and the company is now under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. The National Steel Car was established by a small group of affluent investors who live in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. They decide to build the National Steel Car because they wanted to take advantage of the trans-national railway that the government of Canada is making. After the company’s golden age during the 1920s, the company faced several challenges to survive the economic meltdown which caused most businesses around the world to close down. The National Steel Car managed to get through the global economic meltdown which sent thousands of people jobless.



After the Great Depression hits, the National Steel Car focused on building products other than rolling stocks. When the Second World War came during the 1940s decade, the National Steel Car was given a contract by the government of Canada to build war vehicles, weapons, and other products that will be used for the war. The National Steel Car saw that they would be able to retrieve their revenue if they will be joining the war efforts. The management decided to accept the contract presented to them by the government of Canada, and they started to build what the government wants. Click Here for more information



The National Steel Car also sent some of their employees to battle against the Axis Forces, and some of them did not make it back to Canada. These employees were given the recognition for displaying their courage, and the government decided to provide their kin some assistance that can help them with their lives. The National Steel Car saw that their revenues started to climb up after the war, as the government of Canada gave them the payment for their war efforts. Because of the number of weapons and war vehicles that they produced, the revenue posted by the National Steel Car went higher, and they keep this status until Dofasco purchased them in 1962.



Under Dofasco, the National Steel Car experienced slow growth. The company was then transferred to the ownership of Gregory James Aziz after Dofasco saw that the economic crisis in the late 1980s and the early 1990s would make the National Steel Car as one of their liabilities. On the other hand, Gregory James Aziz promised the company that he will be doing his best to restore its former glory.

Gregory Aziz And National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the CEO, Chairman and President of the company National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. This is a company that sells one of the highest amounts of freight cars in the world. There is a need to fill, and at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz and his team are filling that need.

Gregory James Aziz is making it a fantastic place to work when he is motivating his fantastic team of professional workers. Gregory J Aziz believes in a team spirit, and he provides them with the leadership that they need in order to do the best that they can while they are producing work to the highest standards.


He conducts his personal life in a good way too. Since he believes philanthropy, he encourages his workers to also. He has a solid character, and he wants others to be like that too. With all that he has to offer his employees, they look up to him and respect him for all that he can do.

For 10 years, the company has received the TTX SECO award. They have also been the recipients of other awards in the railcar industry over the years. Having this behind them gives them even more clout when clients are interested in finding a company that can fill their needs. They know that this company can be trusted, and it makes them extremely satisfied when they have the finished product from National Steel Car.


When Greg Aziz sets his mind to something, it definitely gets done. He is adept at all that he does, and his attention to detail is excellent. Everything that he does in his company is done to perfection. That is because he believes in offering the best product that he can to his clients. When the business is happening, the company is all together, united in its efforts to fulfill the orders that they receive. Greg Aziz makes it happen, and it works very well.


With so many great things happening in the future for this company, National Steel Car should continue to keep a great lead in the industry. They look forward to acquiring more business on a regular basis, and completing work for their clients. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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