Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice to Employers

A New York corporate law attorney by the name of Jeremy Goldstein has recently offered some advice to help employers and their employees. Rather than offering traditional stock options, they can offer an alternative called “knockout options.” These options operate similarly to regular stock options, however, once they drop to a particular price, the options are then sold. This benefits both the employer and employee for several reasons.


First, the knockout options offer employees more confidence that their money is safe. Regular stock options can dwindle down to nothing at times, as seen in several stock market crashes over the last decade. Second, the accounting is much easier for both the employer and employee. The stocks can be trusted to be at a minimum of a certain stated amount. This reduces the burden of the employer having to constantly assess the value, and, the employee can count on a minimum amount of money to be in their account. Lastly, the benefit is value added for both the employer and employee. The risk is reduced considerably. Employers can save money using this option rather than simply increasing salaries. Employees are more likely to do a good job and be loyal to a company knowing their benefits are secure, and, that they are receiving a reward for their efforts.


Jeremy Goldstein has not only represented some of the largest corporations in the country, he’s also a very experienced attorney. He’s recently started his own boutique law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He was a partner at another well-recognized firm previously. Goldstein is a graduate of New York University’s School of Law and graduated with distinction. He also has a bachelor’s and masters degree in Art History, also. from well-known schools. He’s contributed to scholarly publications at Harvard University on corporate governance. He’s also contributed to NYU’s Journal of Law. Jeremy Goldstein is clearly a well-rounded attorney making a difference in the way business in conducted in the corporate world.


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The influence of Ricardo Tosto in changing lives of the lawyers

Law and Lawyers in Brazil

Law is a highly regulated course in Brazil. The quality of the graduates needed in the profession is high the country does not want to involve itself in a condition where there are millions of lawyers with poor performance in representation. For this reason, regulation has played a good role in shaping the nature of the profession and the quality with which it comes and read full article.


Limitation of owning law firms

Other than the practice itself, owning a law firm is another tussle in Brazil. Creating several law firms would only affect the quality of law in the country. The process of owning a law firm in the country is harder than going to the law school. Thousands of students have dropped out of law school because of the complexity. There are others who have not given up yet, and they are ready to take up the challenge that the profession would bring and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


Ricardo Tosto’s new perspective on law

Law can be very lucrative if it is taken the right way. On the other hand, it can be very harsh to people who would want to have an easy ride. Since Ricardo Tosto, one of the best lawyers in the country started his company; other professional lawyers have seen the need to open their own. Instead of going to the companies and government institutions to look for jobs, Ricardo Tosto presents solutions using his law firm. He does not consider company restrictions anymore. The quality that most companies require has not been met yet and his Website.


Training lawyers after school

Since Ricardo Tosto saw a gap in the law profession, he has taken personal responsibility to help other lawyers grow in the profession. The thousands of lawyers that have been released to the Brazilian market find it hard to cope with the requirements. Through his company, Ricardo Tosto has created hundreds of employment to the learning lawyers. Being rated among the best in the country, Ricardo has the passion and the will to help others grow to his current state. Tens of lawyers have successfully gone through an experience with Tosto, and they are currently doing well in the market and Ricardo Tosto’s lacrosse camp.

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