Hosting A Wine Party With Traveling Vineyard

Wine is beloved by many people. There are many that like to enjoy the company of their friends and family with a glass of wine. There are also people to make money any way they can by starting a business. Many people believe that if they can combine the two, that would amazing. Now they can.

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that combines wine and business to create a successful business model for many people all over the United States. Traveling Vineyard has wine guides all over the country, who sell the wine by throwing wine tasting parties. Wine guides are taught in each of the wines that Traveling Vineyard sells. Before having the first wine tasting party, they are required to shadow an experienced wine guide to learn the process.

For many wine guides, learning the process can be overwhelming. New wine guides have to learn the planning stages of a wine tasting party. They have to learn the characteristics of the wine that they are selling, they have to know what items are used for each party, and they have to know how to wow the party guests. New wine guides also have to learn the art of marketing, in order to throw a successful wine tasting party. In many cases, the wine tasting parties are usually done at the home of the wine guide, to give the guests a welcoming experience.

The Traveling Vineyard business model is very unique. Traveling Vineyard provides support and training to their wine guides. When interest is shown, individuals are assigned a leader by Traveling Vineyard. This leader will show the person the ins and outs of Traveling Vineyard. New wine guides are given access to the Tasting Room, which is an online training and support center. All wine guides are invited to the Harvest, which is Traveling Vineyard’s annual conference.

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Clearabee rubbish removal and services

Clearabee was founded in 2012 in Northampton, United Kingdom. In 2013, with one vehicle, they started offering waste removal services. Clearabee relocated to Birmingham in 2013 and by the end of 2015 had expanded across the nation. Clearabee prides themselves in never subcontracting a single man or van. In 2016 Clearabee introduced their skip bag service. Skip Bags can be collected from neary any location and can be filled with nearly anything. Each bag has a fixed rate for removal service. In 2017 Clearabee introduced their beeloyal program. This loyalty program is a 10% discount service for repeat customers on qualifying items.


Clearabee provides a well trained staff that includes labour and removal. They are open 7 days a week and provide 24/7 customer service support. They offer skip bag service across the country and do not subcontract.


When selecting a rubbish removal service there are a few important things to take into consideration. Hire a rubbish removal company that has excellent time management skills. You are paying for their time and they should be precise and efficient. Confirm with the selected waste removal company exactly what they do and do not remove. Some rubbish clearance services will not deal with certain things such as larger appliances or batteries. Knowing what they offer prior to hiring them is important. Discuss pricing with the rubbish removal service. Unlike Clearabee, Some companies charge per trip to the dump, others charge by time or by the size of the heap that needs removal.

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Vijay Eswaran Reminiscing On His Bestselling Book

Vijay Eswaran came from having very little cash flow while getting into the multilevel marketing corporate world in a tough Asian market, to making one of Forbes Asia’s richest entrepreneurs lists, an accomplishment he sees as no small thing. But Vijay Eswaran is about so much more than that. He’s a man who believes in helping people find inner peace with themselves and others around them. That’s why he wrote the bestselling book In The Sphere Of Silence in 2005 to explain how spiritualism is necessary in the corporate world.

The idea behind Vijay Eswaran’s book is to encourage entrepreneurs to take time away from handheld electronics and computers to spend time in silence and meditation.

Vijay Eswaran believes especially as today’s world uses more and more mobile devices the book is as relevant as ever. Eswaran has also spoken about civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi and how he taught similar things while leading the liberation movement in India. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Eswaran comes from a family that worked for the Malaysian government back in the 1950s and 60s. He learned the value of listening and being generous from his father Vijayratnam, and Eswaran later honored his father by starting a foundation that upholds those values. Eswaran attended two famous business schools at the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University.

He also spent a couple years doing odd jobs in construction and grape picking. Eswaran officially launched his famous company QI Group in 1998 and headquartered it in Hong Kong. The companies he founded under it that used direct selling through ecommerce are QNet, Q-Stride, Quex Courier, QI Lifestyle and QI Asset Management. He started giving back to the poorer regions of Asia through the Vijayratnam Foundation and RYTHM Foundation and made Forbes Asia’s 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy list.

Eswaran was also an honorary guest speaker at the famous Global Indian Meet conference in New York in 2012 where he received the New Global Indian award for his philanthropy. Eswaran is also a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. He is also married to Umayal Eswaran and spends time with his family frequently.

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Mike Baur Co-Founds Swiss Startup Factory To Help Young Entrepreneurs

A select few teenagers fantasize about a dream career and are then disciplined and fortunate enough to have it become a reality. Mike Baur was one of those teenagers. Growing up he was fascinated by finance and banking. He committed himself to do the hard work necessary to attain the goal of a career in banking. By age 19, the Fribourg, Switzerland native had graduated from the University of Rochester New York and the University of Bern with MBAs.


When he was offered the opportunity to take an entry level position with UBS, the financial institution, as a commercial apprentice, he accepted it. Over the next 20 years he worked for a number of other well-know financial institutions including Clariden Leu. When he retired at age 39, Mike Baur was on large Swiss private bank’s executive board.


After retiring, rather than spend his time having fun and living the life of luxury, Mike Baur became interested in the future of Switzerland and the role young entrepreneurs could play in bolstering the country’s economy now and in the future. He decided he would do something to help young business people to succeed. Working with his friends Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.


The company runs a series of intensive 3 month programs each year for several groups of businesses. The Swiss Startup Factory provides financial support, mentorship, office space and a slate of other services. The program also connects the young entrepreneurs to a network of entrepreneurs and investors all over the world. It has been an unqualified success. Swiss Startup Factory is Switzerland’s number one rated privately-owned new business incubator.


But Mike Baur is not satisfied with just the success of Swiss Startup Factory. He has supported other efforts to create programs like it. He was a START Summiteer jury member. It’s a start-up pitching contest for new businesses held at the University of St. Gallen. Baur was named CTI Invest’s deputy managing director when the company partnered with Swiss Startup Factory to help more young business people. Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory also worked on accelerator programs with Fintech Fusion and the Goldback Group in 2016.


Businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur and his partners at Swiss Startup Factory have received extensive media coverage, praise, support, accolades and awards for the effective, meaningful work they are doing with young entrepreneurs in Switzerland.


Facts About Reddy MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is one of the leading management companies for privately owned dental practices. It was founded in the year 2009 and is headquartered in Carrolton, Texas. In the last 8 years the company has grown to over 70 affiliates.

One of the thing that has been very instrumental in the growth of MB2 Dental is the fact that it is run by people who have first-hand experience in the challenges that dentists go through while trying to successfully operate independently-owned. The owner of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva has actually studied dentistry and even tried going solo.

But running a practice while trying to balance between giving your patients the best treatment, it became so challenging and losses were imminent. So, Dr. Villanueva decided to come up with a management company that would handle everything for the dentists while they concentrated on giving the best treatment to their patients.

According to Crunchbase, the biggest advantage of becoming an MB2 Dental affiliate is the fact that you benefit from both world- independent practice and group-managed practices.

This means that, every function that is required for a business to thrive, is by run by professionals and that you have all the time to do your core job. At the same time, you still have total control over your business. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

Services Offered by MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental offers a number of services to ensure that you run a profitable dental practice. They offer recruitment services. They do the recruiting for on your behalf, saving you the time and money. They also coach the new employees on your behalf. This way, you don’t have to waste more months on training employees to be conversant with your practice’s vision and processes.

MB2 Dental also offers compliance services. Sometimes, with the bustle of activity, it is easy to forget that there laws which need to be followed. MB2 Dental employs a team of expert compliance officers. This way, your company avoids being on the wrong side of the law. Also, it ensures that your employees work in accordance to the company guidelines.

Procurement Services

Having being in the industry for a longer time, they have made strong strategic relationships. This way, they are able to get you better deals when looking for supplies for your dental practice.

New Research Shows Podcast to Be a Very Effective Marketing Strategy

A study on the effectiveness of podcast as a marketing strategy was conducted in the second half of 2016 by Edison Research, a leading research firm. The results of the study were recently announced by Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster, the VP of Strategy at Edison Research.

An online survey of listeners of a number of leading podcasts was done before rigorous marketing campaigns were launched on the podcasts. The campaigns ran for between 4 and 6 weeks for 5 major products across different products and after the campaigns, another online survey of the listeners of the podcasts was done.

The products used in the study were a financial services product, an automobile aftermarket product, a casual dining restaurant and a lawn and garden product.

Findings from the Study

The study showed that brand awareness increased tremendously among listeners of the products. This was true for all the brands used in the study, some of which were well-known brands advertising a new product or service while others were relatively new brands trying to market themselves to consumers.

The study also revealed that the listeners who took part in the survey were more willing to consider or buy the products and services that were used in the study. This clearly shows how effective podcast marketing is.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting entrepreneur with over 4 decades’ experience in the broadcast industry. He served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S.A during the tenures of both President Clinton and President Bush. He is the founder of Westwood One, which he launched in 2010, and PodcastOne, which he launched in 2012.

Both of these have grown exponentially since they were established and are now leaders in the broadcast industry. According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz is also the founder of the Courtside Entertainment Group. The Liberty of American Broadcasting honored him with the 2009 Giants of Broadcasting Award for his great contribution to the broadcasting scene in America.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the product or service category, podcast marketing has been proven to be a very effective marketing strategy. It has a huge positive impact on brand perception and awareness, both of which have an influence on a person’s propensity to purchase a particular product.

What this means is that companies should leverage podcast advertising to market their products and services as it yields even better results than some of the traditional marketing methods.

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Women Also Have Their Dating Issues Taken Care Of With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

While men have a lot of complaints about dating, there are also complaints coming from women in the dating area. The complaints are a lot different. While men believe that women enjoy all of the attention they are getting from the apps, the truth is that the women feel the opposite of enjoyment in some cases. For one thing, having to sort through all of the junk in order to find something that is legitimate for them can be very frustrating. This often has women missing men that are legitimately matched to their values and their needs.

Whitney Wolfe has seen this type of issue with online dating and dating apps. Therefore, she has managed to make sure that she is putting together an app that addresses it and makes sure that everyone is getting the type of enjoyment they need from these apps. Whitney Wolfe has made it so that only women could initiate. However, she has also kept in mind that some men may not want to wait too long before they get a message on their profile. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has made it so that women have to initiate their matches within a day or else their match will disappear.

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Whitney Wolfe has looked at the dating world and has seen the issues that women and men face. This has helped her gain the creativity needed to actually effectively handle the issues with online dating. Women have an easier time looking through the profiles so that they can find someone that they are interested in while men can actually decide whether or not to respond to these messages that are sent to them. Whitney Wolfe is very creative when it comes to dating. She is coming with other features that could bring greater features to the dating world.

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