National Steel Car: Surviving the War

The National Steel Car is Canada’s largest manufacturer and producer of rolling stocks. They have been operating for more than 100 years, and the company is now under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. The National Steel Car was established by a small group of affluent investors who live in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. They decide to build the National Steel Car because they wanted to take advantage of the trans-national railway that the government of Canada is making. After the company’s golden age during the 1920s, the company faced several challenges to survive the economic meltdown which caused most businesses around the world to close down. The National Steel Car managed to get through the global economic meltdown which sent thousands of people jobless.



After the Great Depression hits, the National Steel Car focused on building products other than rolling stocks. When the Second World War came during the 1940s decade, the National Steel Car was given a contract by the government of Canada to build war vehicles, weapons, and other products that will be used for the war. The National Steel Car saw that they would be able to retrieve their revenue if they will be joining the war efforts. The management decided to accept the contract presented to them by the government of Canada, and they started to build what the government wants. Click Here for more information



The National Steel Car also sent some of their employees to battle against the Axis Forces, and some of them did not make it back to Canada. These employees were given the recognition for displaying their courage, and the government decided to provide their kin some assistance that can help them with their lives. The National Steel Car saw that their revenues started to climb up after the war, as the government of Canada gave them the payment for their war efforts. Because of the number of weapons and war vehicles that they produced, the revenue posted by the National Steel Car went higher, and they keep this status until Dofasco purchased them in 1962.



Under Dofasco, the National Steel Car experienced slow growth. The company was then transferred to the ownership of Gregory James Aziz after Dofasco saw that the economic crisis in the late 1980s and the early 1990s would make the National Steel Car as one of their liabilities. On the other hand, Gregory James Aziz promised the company that he will be doing his best to restore its former glory.