Securus Technologies Makes Society Safer

Securus Technologies has made a name for itself over the past three decades by working with correctional facilities to make them a safer place for inmates and helping inmates transition to life once they return to society.


Securus Technologies has been conducting business since the 1980s, and they have grown quite fond of helping inmates be successful in life.


Securus Technologies helps correctional facilities become safer places by providing two products; Cell Defender and Wireless Containment Solutions. Cell Defender exists to locate contraband cell phones inside the prison and then download the data so that officers and wardens can scan text messages, as well as voicemails, to see if any crimes are being planned. Wireless Containment Solutions exists to turn off a cell phone’s Wi-Fi capacity sense of many inmates use social media to plan their future attacks.


Securus Technologies also makes it their priority to help an inmate to become productive in society once they leave the prison system. They do this through three different ways.


The first thing that Securus Technologies does to help an inmate in their transition to society is to keep them in contact with their family while the serving time. It is a fact that inmates are more encouraged to stay productive in society if they have people out there waiting for them. Securus Technologies offers inmates technology that allows them to video chat with their family during their normal visitation hours.


The second thing that Securus Technologies does to help an inmate in the transition to society is provide them skills-based online courses so they can be certified to complete a job once they leave the prison.


The third thing that Securus Technologies does to help an inmate transition to society is provide them local listings so they can get job interviews.


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