Madison Street Capital and Talented Team Members

Madison Street Capital reputation is a big topic for many people. Many people recognize the firm as being an example of outstanding work and care. The M&A Advisor revealed the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards‘ esteemed winners on the 13th of November in 2017. This big reveal took place at New York, New York’s Metropolitan Club. Madison Street Capital got the coveted “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” distinction. That’s not where recognition for the firm ended, either. It was a boutique investment banking firm finalist. It even was a finalist within the financial deal of the year category below 250MM.


Charles Botchway works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Madison Street Capital. He had some great things to say about this awards ceremony, too. He said that his company is delighted to be acknowledged by the M&A Advisor team. He also lavished WLR Automotive with praise. He kindly acknowledged Barry Petersen as well. Petersen works as a Senior Managing Director.


Madison Street Capital is a sizable company that possesses a remarkable image. People all over the world trust Madison Street Capital for all kinds of services. It’s a global investment banking company that believes in values such as fine service, leadership and honesty. Its available specialties include valuation, financial guidance, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) assistance and corporate financial advisory help. Madison Street Capital works with businesses that are both private and public. It aims to assist clients that wish to do well in the international scene.


Madison Street Capital is on West Madison Street in the energetic city of Chicago, Illinois. It’s true to its name. The staff members who work for Madison Street Capital can talk to clients about all varieties of corporate advisory matters. They have strong insight that relates to reorganization, capital restructuring, private placements, corporate governance and bankruptcy. Businesses that are trying to find reliable and trusted assistance with buy out advisories frequently work with Madison Street Capital. This firm has many other key focal points to its credit, too. The employees at Madison Street Capital have in-depth knowledge that involves tax preparation and wealth preservation. Businesses that are looking to keep wealth intact can turn to the specialists at Madison Street Capital. They talk on a frequent basis about wealth establishment. They talk about business exit strategies. They even discuss the ins and outs of tax preparation. These professionals are thorough and detailed.


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Securus Technologies Makes Society Safer

Securus Technologies has made a name for itself over the past three decades by working with correctional facilities to make them a safer place for inmates and helping inmates transition to life once they return to society.


Securus Technologies has been conducting business since the 1980s, and they have grown quite fond of helping inmates be successful in life.


Securus Technologies helps correctional facilities become safer places by providing two products; Cell Defender and Wireless Containment Solutions. Cell Defender exists to locate contraband cell phones inside the prison and then download the data so that officers and wardens can scan text messages, as well as voicemails, to see if any crimes are being planned. Wireless Containment Solutions exists to turn off a cell phone’s Wi-Fi capacity sense of many inmates use social media to plan their future attacks.


Securus Technologies also makes it their priority to help an inmate to become productive in society once they leave the prison system. They do this through three different ways.


The first thing that Securus Technologies does to help an inmate in their transition to society is to keep them in contact with their family while the serving time. It is a fact that inmates are more encouraged to stay productive in society if they have people out there waiting for them. Securus Technologies offers inmates technology that allows them to video chat with their family during their normal visitation hours.


The second thing that Securus Technologies does to help an inmate in the transition to society is provide them skills-based online courses so they can be certified to complete a job once they leave the prison.


The third thing that Securus Technologies does to help an inmate transition to society is provide them local listings so they can get job interviews.