Doe Deere and Her Business

You may have heard of Lime Crime and Doe Deere, but you might not know how she got it going and what you can learn from her. Business is something you can do if you are willing to do the work and learn.


Getting Started

The biggest thing you need to do is get started. This can be the hardest as well. Doe Deere started her business because she wasn’t able to find the products that made her happy. She decided to create them herself and start her company. Once she made this hard choice, she had to do the work.


She started with just a few things and colors and put in hours of work everyday to make it take off. After a few years things started to take off for her and she was able to expand into other colors and areas of makeup. This is when she really started seeing a change, but she still had to put in the time and work her butt off ( She has said herself that anyone getting into a business needs to find the business that makes them happy. This way when things get hard, they will be able to keep going with it.


Business Plan

Another big thing you need is a business plan. This will help keep you on track and will also help you to know what you need to do. If you aren’t sure, you can get help with the business plan. You will want to put your marketing plan in there as well as information about your products so you know what you are going to be doing and how it works. The business plan is the single most important thing you will be doing with your business.


Doe Deere is a great business woman and can show you how to make the best out of your business. You only need to know what you want to do and put in the work. Then you will be able to get things done and get your business going.