Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice to Employers

A New York corporate law attorney by the name of Jeremy Goldstein has recently offered some advice to help employers and their employees. Rather than offering traditional stock options, they can offer an alternative called “knockout options.” These options operate similarly to regular stock options, however, once they drop to a particular price, the options are then sold. This benefits both the employer and employee for several reasons.


First, the knockout options offer employees more confidence that their money is safe. Regular stock options can dwindle down to nothing at times, as seen in several stock market crashes over the last decade. Second, the accounting is much easier for both the employer and employee. The stocks can be trusted to be at a minimum of a certain stated amount. This reduces the burden of the employer having to constantly assess the value, and, the employee can count on a minimum amount of money to be in their account. Lastly, the benefit is value added for both the employer and employee. The risk is reduced considerably. Employers can save money using this option rather than simply increasing salaries. Employees are more likely to do a good job and be loyal to a company knowing their benefits are secure, and, that they are receiving a reward for their efforts.


Jeremy Goldstein has not only represented some of the largest corporations in the country, he’s also a very experienced attorney. He’s recently started his own boutique law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He was a partner at another well-recognized firm previously. Goldstein is a graduate of New York University’s School of Law and graduated with distinction. He also has a bachelor’s and masters degree in Art History, also. from well-known schools. He’s contributed to scholarly publications at Harvard University on corporate governance. He’s also contributed to NYU’s Journal of Law. Jeremy Goldstein is clearly a well-rounded attorney making a difference in the way business in conducted in the corporate world.


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Paul Mampilly Passion And Effort To Facilitate Developing Businesses

Having specialized in the financial sector and becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Paul Mampilly has for a long time used his knowledge to help other people learn and implement their ideas to achieve their goals in building profitable businesses. He started his career as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust where he worked for some time after achieving his MBA from Fordham University. Having the passion as the driving force, he learned a lot while working because he knew gaining knowledge is a continuous journey that one has to put in more effort to achieve. He worked for several firms including Deutsche Bank. Whichever company he worked for, he left a significant mark and due to his portfolio of success, the Kinetics Asset Management hired him to supervise their finance where he made the organization to reach a $25 billion worth of assets which was named as one of the best world’s best returns by Baron, and contact him.

The Templeton Foundation foundation held many investments competitions, and Paul Mampilly never hesitated to participate. He went ahead to start an investment with only $50 million managing the business to achieve $88 million within the first single year. This was an impressive achievement for any business considering it was during a period of financial crisis and we also know it takes some time to grow a business and start making profits, and

After achieving a lot for every business he worked for, Paul Mampilly wanted to help other people achieve too, he found it unfair to continue working for the only top one percent who continued to monopolize making huge profits while other potential entrepreneurs were struggling out there to make ends meet. He took some time to spend with his family and reflected on the way forward. He found it necessary to retire and started the famous newsletters foundation; Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. That was not the climax as he is currently working out to launch a new one by the name True Momentum.

Paul Mampilly firms have helped many businesses to grow regarding making profits through proper advice and strategies. He reveals he likes performing research at a fair price for everyone which is not the case at Wall street where they only cater for huge firms who can afford their services.

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Adam Milstein Offers Advice to New Real Estate Investors

Of all the investment possibilities, the real estate is still the best one. There is a possibility of building up the portfolio as you go along, but the market is different than it was even a decade ago. It is now more complicated since the growth of its popularity over that last fifty years. However, it is still worth looking into, and Adam Milstein knows this market well. He is a real estate investor himself and is also a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein comes from Israel, and after serving in the armed forces and graduating from Technion, Mr. Milstein moved to the US where he studied for his Master’s degree. He works with different organizations and helped create Israeli-American Council and helped it grow and expand, and

Adam Milstein is very proud of his achievements but also very patriotic. Mr. Milstein knows how crucial it is to know your personal history as well as the history of your country. He puts emphasis on education and helps people acquire information on Israel as well as helps organizations offering free books every month. He wants to show young people that earning and reading Hebrew is an essential part of the culture of Israeli and American families, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Every day is different for Adam Milstein. He started his own business after realizing that recruiters were not flexible and interested in his life experience and knowledge. Adam Milstein wanted to do more so started working on his own and slowly breaking down the doors of the real estate market. First, he worked as a broker and then slowly started investing in the market now well-known to Milstein.

He wants to inspire others to keep going further in life to achieve their dreams. Mr. Milstein enjoys working and believes that if you keep going for it, nothing is impossible. He doesn’t recall ever having a bad job. Setting small goals that can be achieved is better than setting big goals because the idea that bringing success in a short time does not always pan out and people are met with disappointment. However, if you keep going at it with dedication, nothing is impossible, and