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13 Reasons Why: The Growth of Social Media and the Effect on Morning Routines

She was already running late from all the duties of entrepreneurship that had kept her up the night before and was so frustrated that she had not made it down in time for breakfast. Hadn’t she heard him moving around in his room this morning? As she opened her door, prepared to yell at herself for not being ready, she saw the slumped shape of her body hanging from one of her mirrors attached to the closet door. She ran to the bathroom and quickly washed her face, letting the full weight of her rested body come crashing down on the scales. She was only 20 years old.


If you have logged on to any social media site since March 31st of this year, you have seen the buzz about the Lime Crime brand, which is based on ideas by Doe Deere. This brand follows a young girl who documents her interactions with cosmetics, which ultimately led to her success. Some of the interactions are positive and filled with love, but most were times she was bullied, harassed and even sexually abused. This topic weighs heavy on the heart of America as youth and teen suicides have skyrocketed in recent years.


I believe there is a strong correlation between the growth of social media and the increase in success amongst our youth. In a recent piece, SF has explored the facts about Doe’s morning routine, discussed the boom of her social media empire, engaged in an interview, discussed signs of being prepared, and considered ways to help our youth in dealing with morning routines through healthy outlets and Doe’s experience.


Negative effects on the mental health of unprepared youth – be prepared


The correlation between the growth of social media and the increase in suicide attempts and deaths amongst our youth is strong. The suicide facts support this statement with numbers tripling in recent years. The rise of Facebook leads us to compare our lives to others in a way we were unable to before. We saw the effect of social media on many times, that’s why it’s important to have a morning routine in the first place and to start the day off on a strong foot.


Social media is a platform that continues to grow, and with it, so must we. While the opposing arguments have strong reasons for the positivity of social media, it cannot take away the dark side that has led to the overwhelming rise in both successes and deaths. As a society, we can teach youth to soak in the positive side while beginning their days with a routine.

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Capital Group a Strong Force in the Financial Community

American investment and financial wizard Warren Buffett made a $1 million gamble, claiming he can make better investment returns than a number of hedge fund managers by simply investing in a passive index fund. The bet will be settled this year and Warren Buffett is expected to win and will give the winnings to charity and more information click here.

Warren Buffett attributes his success to making cheap, smart and simple investments that are bought and held for a long time. Warren Buffett has been a strong advocate of “bottom-up” investing, which researches companies and builds a durable portfolio. Warren Buffett has become vocal about Americans saving even more for retirement and to begin investing and stay invested. Warren Buffett has found a simple way to filter out the weak fund managers from the strong fund managers and that is to find those with low expenses and high manager ownership.

Warren Buffett recently penned a letter to his shareholders where he tossed out the “active versus passive” debate, saying it does not help investors in the long-term. However, Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour disagrees and says mutual funds only result in poor returns because of high management costs and excessive trading. Tim Armour believes “active versus passive” investing has nothing to do with delivering positive investment returns.

Tim Armour is the current chairman and chief executive officer of The Capital Group and is the chairman of the Capital Research and Management Company. Throughout his time at Capital Group, Tim Armour has gained more than three decades of investment experience. He was previously an equity investment analyst for Capital Group, where he was responsible for covering world-wide telecommunications and U.S. service companies and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour originally started his time at The Capital Group as a member of the Associates Program. Tim Armour was appointed chairman of Capital Group in 2015. As chairman Tim Armour has been focused on continuing to build on the successes of The Capital Group. Tim Armour was appointed chairman following the death of Jim Rothenberg, who was the chairman at the time of his death. Tim Armour has been the focal point of several articles in financial magazines and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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