Women Also Have Their Dating Issues Taken Care Of With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

While men have a lot of complaints about dating, there are also complaints coming from women in the dating area. The complaints are a lot different. While men believe that women enjoy all of the attention they are getting from the apps, the truth is that the women feel the opposite of enjoyment in some cases. For one thing, having to sort through all of the junk in order to find something that is legitimate for them can be very frustrating. This often has women missing men that are legitimately matched to their values and their needs.

Whitney Wolfe has seen this type of issue with online dating and dating apps. Therefore, she has managed to make sure that she is putting together an app that addresses it and makes sure that everyone is getting the type of enjoyment they need from these apps. Whitney Wolfe has made it so that only women could initiate. However, she has also kept in mind that some men may not want to wait too long before they get a message on their profile. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has made it so that women have to initiate their matches within a day or else their match will disappear.

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Whitney Wolfe has looked at the dating world and has seen the issues that women and men face. This has helped her gain the creativity needed to actually effectively handle the issues with online dating. Women have an easier time looking through the profiles so that they can find someone that they are interested in while men can actually decide whether or not to respond to these messages that are sent to them. Whitney Wolfe is very creative when it comes to dating. She is coming with other features that could bring greater features to the dating world.

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